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Starting a business from the ground up can be difficult, to say the least. Website costs, advertisement fees, legal fees and even rent are just a few of the myriad of potential starting costs involved with building a start-up from scratch. Regardless of what kind of enterprise you are looking to start, without a decent amount of capital to draw from, fundraising will be one of the first major steps in getting your company off the ground. Raising the necessary capital to get your small business up and running is essential. Luckily; however, with today’s technology, there are a few more options at the prospective business owner’s disposal than ever before. Additionally, the tried and true methods are always solid options, especially if one is not particularly experienced in using the Internet. With that, here are four good options to raise capital for a small business in the 21st Century.

Personal Savings

Perhaps among the most common and certainly most obvious, a reasonable amount of one’s own savings is always a great source of startup capital. Investors, while they are backing a company, they are also investing in the person who they feel they can trust and, frankly, whom they respect. Devoting one’s personal finances to his or her business venture is always something that will catch the eyes of potential investors because it clearly demonstrates one’s commitment.


Loans from banks or other investment firms are great sources of capital for your small business. Depending on your credit profile and the collateral you can offer, small-business loans can sometimes offer great deals and incentives. When attempting to earn an investment of a decent amount from any source, it is imperative that you either practice and perfect your sales pitch (selling yourself, your brand and your idea) or find someone who is good at this and can do it for you.


Most people have heard of Kickstarter, but there are many other reputable platforms for Crowdfunding that you should look into. Take a look at this list.


Many entities, ranging from startup companies to small-scale inventors, are starting to issue new cryptocurrency tokens that are tied to a specific product or venture. Investors can simply buy a certain amount of these tokens and watch their value increase or decrease accordingly. This way, investors can see their return on investment immediately and in real-time.