The 2017 iGlobal Private Equity Real Estate Summit


iGlobal PE Real Estate Summit pic

iGlobal PE Real Estate Summit

An accomplished senior administrator with a wealth of experience in real estate financing, Matthew Josef Gorelik has served as founding chief executive officer and board chairman of Los Angeles’ Township Capital since 2014. Over the course of his career, Matthew J. Gorelik has participated in panel discussions at both the Los Angeles and New York City conferences of the iGlobal PE Real Estate Summit.

A provider of exclusive networking events for qualified senior administrative executives, iGlobal sponsors events that are attended by a range of elite business leaders. The 2017 iGlobal Private Equity Real Estate Summit took place in New York City and attracted more than 200 senior-level executives in real estate private equity fields. Event participants represented property owners and developers as well as various investment banks, mezzanine lenders, hedge funds, private debt firms, insurance companies, foundations, and endowments. Topics covered at the 2017 iGlobal Private Equity Real Estate Summit include the various effects of the recent national shift from low interest rates and minimal inflation to high rates of both interest and inflation.


Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ Top-Notch Care Saves Children’s Lives

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles pic

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Matthew J. Gorelik serves as CEO of Township Capital, LLC, which he founded in 2014. The Los Angeles-based firm focuses on private equity investment in the global real estate sector. Matthew Gorelik is also a dedicated supporter of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, in large part thanks to the care it provided to his young daughter, Lexi.

Lexi’s family credits her survival and continued quality of life to the care she received at CHLA after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After three experienced neurologists could not determine the cause of Lexi’s sudden onset of seizures, a friend referred the family to CHLA. The medical team there, including a seizure expert, well understood that any delay in treatment could force Lexi to miss major developmental milestones.

Specially designed electrodes inserted into Lexi’s brain helped the medical team pinpoint within millimeters the exact location of the tumor. The family was elated to learn after surgery that the CHLA team had removed the entire tumor. Today, Lexi is seizure-free, off medication, and developing normally; she even reads above her grade level. Her family continues to be grateful to CHLA, and says that they will never forget the top-quality care and the depth of emotional support its staff provided to them.

CHLA continues to help many other children in Lexi’s situation. Its pediatric neurology facilities are among the finest in the world, as attested to by their ranking on U.S. News & World Report’s Best Children’s Hospitals List.

Township Capital Enters Partnership With Premier Hospitality Developer