Forms of Multifamily Housing

Township Capital pic

Township Capital

Matthew Josef Gorelik, a private equity investor and entrepreneur, founded Township Capital, where he currently serves as the chairman and CEO. As CEO, Matthew J. Gorelik has led Township Capital through successful acquisitions of several multimillion-dollar real estate ventures.

To ensure solid investment decisions, Township Capital’s private equity division employs a specific set of investment criteria. The investment standards include a focus on asset classes that include offices, retail buildings, industrial properties, and multifamily housing.

Apartment complexes are one of the most common forms of multifamily housing, but there are further subclassifications of apartment buildings, including:

garden style – smaller buildings that typically have one to three stories and sometimes have an elevator;

mid-rise – buildings taller than three stories that always include an elevator;

high-rise – buildings with more than nine floors and an elevator; and

special purpose – buildings designed specifically for students, seniors, individuals with low incomes, or another particular population.


The Neurological Institute at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Neurological Institute pic

Neurological Institute

Outside of his responsibilities as the chairman and CEO of a private equity fund in Los Angeles, Matthew Gorelik gives back to his community as a supporter of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Matthew Gorelik maintains a particular interest in the hospital’s Neurological Institute, which has provided care to his daughter, Lexi.

The Neurological Institute at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) avails itself of the latest medical advancements to improve the health of those under its care. Treating children as young as newborns and as old as young adults, the Institute draws on the knowledge and skills of practitioners from multiple specialties to provide a comprehensive array of services and solutions.

Neurologists at the Neurological Institute have experience treating a variety of medical conditions, including cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, brain tumors, and movement disorders. If surgery is necessary, neurosurgeons perform procedures whose outcome statistics equal or exceed those of other programs, both in the United States and elsewhere in the world. As evidence of the quality of its care, CHLA received high ranking in the neurology and neurosurgery category of US News & World Report’s 2017-2018 edition of The Best Children’s Hospitals.

The team at CHLA’s Neurological Institute is augmented by psychiatrists, physical therapists, radiologists, clinical nutritionists, and a number of other health care professionals. Beyond treating young people, the Institute conducts leading-edge neurological research.