Township Capital’s Successful $360 Million Portfolio Closing

 Township Capital, LLC pic

Township Capital, LLC

Matthew Josef Gorelik guides the real estate private equity fund Township Capital, LLC, as CEO and founder. Among the transactions Matthew J. Gorelik has recently overseen is the closing of a $360 million portfolio in tandem with a leading student housing developer.

The transaction involved a recapitalization spanning a half-dozen purpose-built rental student housing communities associated with large universities across the United States. With some projects completed and stabilized and others in the construction phase, the opportunistic investment is described as presenting significant upside potential.

The timing of the transaction was vital in avoiding predevelopment and entitlement risks, and in defining the pro forma development budget in an accurate and predictable way. The structuring is also unique in offering equity partners predictable cash flow from the start. This helps ensure that the overall equity joint venture provides investors with optimal risk-adjusted metrics and superior returns on investment.