Recent TownshipCapital Transactions Offer Investment Opportunities


TownshipCapital pic


Matthew Josef Gorelik serves as the as chairman and chief executive officer of TownshipCapital. Since establishing this Los Angeles-based private equity firm in 2014, Matthew J. Gorelik has guided TownshipCapital in making programmatic co-investments in real estate projects around the world.

Recently, TownshipCapital announced the closing of a $77 million portfolio with a leading hospitality developer. As part of the joint venture, the two partners will develop a limited-service hotel in each of the four U.S. markets of Seattle; Denver; San Jose, California; and Nashville, Tennessee. Township’s initial co-investment is part of a larger $250 million commitment to build 15 such hotels across North America.

In another joint venture, Township has partnered with the largest developer of student housing in the United States. Through the partnership, the two companies will collaborate on a $360 million portfolio to develop six student-housing communities at a number of major U.S. universities. As it did with its hospitality portfolio, Township has timed this co-investment in such a way as to eliminate risk for investors and, in so doing, offer them opportunities for superior risk-adjusted returns.